Media Training

CommCore provides media training so your team can create a response that is fast, flexible, and factual. “Companies can get stalled or bogged down on how to release a simple statement,” CommCore SVP Dale Weiss told NPR’s Here & Now’s Robin Young. “By that time, things can get so far ahead of you that it’s impossible to catch up.”

Today’s media environment makes media training more important than ever. News can go “viral,” hitting the digital press or social media almost instantaneously. An issue that once took weeks or months to play out may come to a head in hours. Whether you’re in the middle of a crisis, see trouble coming, or want to be prepared, CommCore Media Trainings enable your team to understand the process better so they can respond more quickly. CommCore’s media skills workshops focus on preparing clients on giving reporters what they need: the facts, accurate and interesting information, and quotable “sound bites.” Bottom line: We teach participants how to take control of media interviews, and the media in general so what’s “out there in the press” can work for you instead of against you.

Proactive Media Training

andy gilman, crisis communicationsAs a Media Training and consulting firm, counsel on proactive media interviews as well as sensitive issues in responding to a crisis. Our workshops combine instruction on the basics with on-camera exercises, media training videos, advanced instruction and critique. If you’re looking to generate great PR for your company or cause, we can move your spokesperson from being a name in a media database to a relied-upon source for reporters and analysts. We have provided media training for organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, sports media training and more.

CommCore’s proprietary media training modules include:

By the end of the program, participants will know:

  • How to work with the PR team to set up an interview, i.e. questions to ask, materials to prepare
  • How to develop quotable messages and sound bites
  • How to field difficult questions and bridge to positive answers
  • Questions you do not need to answer
  • How to develop better relationships with the media

On-camera exercises simulate the most common interview scenarios:

  • Taped/Live
  • Investigative reports
  • Print
  • Satellite
  • Social Media
  • Telephone interviews
  • Product Launch
  • Radio call-in shows
  • Trade show interviews
  • Press conferences

CommCore customizes Media Skills programs for one-on-one’s, small group workshops, and interactive lectures for larger audiences. Programs are provided in multiple languages. 

We create custom media relations training programs for companies of all sizes, and travel the country to provide trainings to our clientele. We also have state-of-the-art facilities at our media training centers in both Washington, DC and NYC. Our newly expanded classrooms can accommodate large groups.

Reacting to a Media Crisis

In the midst of a media crisis right now? CommCore Consulting can help. We have executives on call all over the U.S. ready and willing to help with time-sensitive issues immediately. Whether you need a broadcast media training or tips on how to respond to a reputation management crisis, you can call us at (202) 659-4177 and we will connect you with a specialist who can help get a handle on your situation quickly. We can then advise you on next steps, design a media training for your company, or provide additional consulting services as needed.

Schedule Your Company’s Media Training

Is your company, cause or issue seeing increased news attention? Do you have an issue that you think deserves more media attention? Set yourself up for success with the media. Schedule a media training for your company today.
Who is the media training program for?

  • Executive Management Committee
  • C-Suites and Division Leaders
  • Spokespeople
  • Marketing, Legal, IT, HR, Security, Finance
  • PR, Communications, Investor Relations, Public/Government Affairs
  • Operations

To schedule a PressureTest Training Demo or if you have questions regarding our media training courses, please contact our firm today.

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