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Handling a Cybersecurity Crisis

Data breaches are a matter of “when,” not “if” they will happen. Recently Saks Fifth Avenue was breached and customers’ personal information was exposed on its website. Other well-known companies like McDonald’s and Forbes, and numerous public figures have been recent victims of Twitter hacks.

At CommCore, we understand the importance of our clients protecting their private information and that of stakeholders and customers. Our experience tells us that there are 7 key steps for cyber crisis management:

1.  Have a plan.

2.  Develop strong working relationships with IT and other departments in your organization

3.  Coordinate different emergency and crisis plans, i.e. Security and Risk Management, Supply Chain, PR/Communications

4.  Develop and update pre-approved templates for media and stakeholder response

5.  Conduct drills to test the plan and build teamwork

6.  Have Law enforcement on speed dial

7.  Practice the “3-F” Rule: Be Fast, Factual and Flexible