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CommCore CEO Quoted in Arizona PBS News

CommCore CEO, Andrew Gilman was quoted in the Arizona PBS Cronkite News article, “Arizona lawmakers praise, condemn Trump’s pardon of Arpaio” concerning the media coverage surrounding the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The pardon – along with White House announcements on the firing of special adviser Sebastian Gorka and formalization of Trump’s ban on transgender soldiers – was announced late Friday with Hurricane Harvey looming. That would normally bury the bad news quickly, but that might not be the case with the Arpaio pardon, said Andrew Gilman, president of CommCore Consulting Group.

“Make good announcements when the news is relatively quiet, and try to keep making bad announcements to times when there are other things dominating the news,” said Gilman, whose company does crisis management consulting.

“In a traditional news cycle the hurricane would be the top story, but we’re in such a mixed news climate right now that people go to the sources that support their views,” he said. “On the left, Arpaio will lead because of the outrage and on the right Arpaio will lead because of support.”